What is An IVA?

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An IVA is is a legal arrangement you make with the people you owe money to (your creditors), which allows you to pay affordable payments over a set period, usually 5 years. As it is paid over a set period of time a portion of the debt would be written off. The monthly payments are set accordingly, based on your disposable income and when the last payment is made the remainder of your debt is cleared.

So why an IVA? What are the benefits?

  • You are in control control of your own finances
  • You can make one single affordable monthly payment
  • All interest and charges on your debts are frozen
  • When the IVA period is finished your outstanding debt is cleared
  • The IVA is a confidential arrangement not like bankruptcy
  • IVAs do not affect your ability to be a director or hold public office
  • An IVA should not affect your property
  • Interim Orders can be requested to stop legal action & bailiff visits
  • Threatening phone calls, letters and bailiff visits would be stopped

Our Mission? To Help You Become Debt Free!


  • By providing you with fast, free iva help & advice that's right for you
  • By dealing with your creditors for you
  • By helping you through the whole process
  • We provide a professional and understanding service

Quote From A Recent Client

The service I received from Free IVA Help was excellent. Dealing with people who were knowledgeable and sympathetic made the whole process much easier to get through during this time of great stress.....


Do You Qualify For An IVA?

lets see, if...

you have debts of over 15,000, owed to 3 or more creditors, most of your debt is unsecured, you have a regular income, you are presently employed and you can verify your income then the answer is probably.... yes!



total debt monthly payment one off payment period of iva
£20,000 £250 none 60 months
£60,000 £290 £4,000 60 months
£35,000 £250 none 60 months
£25,000 none £12,000 12 months


IVA Calculator

Total debts:
The total amount of all your UNSECURED debts
Monthly Available Income:
Total available monthly income AFTER your outgoings. NOT including payments for your unsecured debts
Do you own your property:
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If yes - Approximate Value:
Approximate mortgage:
Do you have 3 or more creditors:
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